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Aint a thing funny y'all, we strictly gunning for ones coming for funds stunning sons were among i'm well hung like a neuse holds me seduce lonely beats like silk sheets smoothest lyrics i speak its the lyrical miracle spill a few syllables here i go biblical flow most dope typical no, its critical cause i'm killing em slow pump shots with led mics drilling your soul
still in a hole and where spending paper its just my nature tip big being tight was making me sick we went from neutral to drive with my pupils aside we used to hide from police now we strutting with pride its nothing but la's we smoking the habit is rich i might sip asti spumonte never having the kris your cabbage i twist with scripts on my act catching fish, lets reminisce before the dough came i cocaine flipped, now i spit.

you know im good to go stood before kings queens a princesses should i flow should i throw limitless dimensions in, hooded up could struck it rich a long time ago, shrine this bros memorabilia when reveal the scrolls i drop it, chock full im stocked with chocolate tai the mic up its like what the fuck y'all think this is. scriptures is vicious malicious intent like indians fishing with branches i avalanche this advance my advantage this is nothing like chess its like cutting your guts in distress press my vest to roll x and o's light the mic im set to go lets propose a toast to the most dope you know and hope he flow for a long time its avateezy, walking in the rain it aint easy believe me i play parcheesi with dice sip reunite with ice to live comfortable i touch a few mics because


from Skillanthropy, released August 21, 2011




Avie Fresh Brooklyn, New York

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