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i wanna sprinkle on this track, 31 flavors i laid on DATS, but that was back in the days i got a sack of hayes dismayed but hay i never really stray , i stay on the beat like rookie cops, rolling trees up with more hair on in than wookies got, chilling in jersey shore like Snookie's twat, yo heres the situation i got little patients like pediatricians my missions amazing in the sun like raisins, but fuck that play i'm not loosing my savings, havens were record stores i was curious george, bought all i could afford like who's these four in velour, but now we got our own shit on the shelves, singles on 12 inch vinyls, find us on itunes as well, rhapsody and napster, fancy cars villas and the spas, you hate us rap stars, be cause were living large,

now everybody go on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
go on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on

yo when i tip im like young buck because i leave 50, don't try to hit me i got future weapons like im ripely, from alien go back like paleontologists you couldn't follow this novelist, with GPS you suck like lozenges, on point like hollow tips we roll in them pontiac solstices im polished with, skills, can't demolish it, ever so shiny lexicon is huge what you use is tiny, you see the irony rhyme clean rap grimily, gats find me and i bust em raps lined over percussion, brooklyn roulette with six shots im not russian, adjust the volume when i loom croon this hip hop recital idol fools im not deemed sire for nothing, puffing the fire with one take lost it on the hill by the side of my duns place, they called him memo, hung out with keith heard his peeps worked at a casino, he found it with a candle, didn't have a lighter though, used to freestyle but now you wire dough if im a flow

now everybody go on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on
go on and on and on and on
on and on and on and on


from Skillanthropy, released August 21, 2011
Produced by One-Take Beats




Avie Fresh Brooklyn, New York

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