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My name is avatar, you hear it when you spar,
with the best nothing less i scar,
something fresh debauched espodar, with a cess cigar, when the text is launched, you get pressed and stomped, back of the restaurant, where the vets is armed, you wanna test the god, i got techs and bombs,
you cant alarm the poet, you aint no harm and you know it, my papers long i throw it, i pack the bhang and then blow it, gimme an arm and i glow it, gimme a charm and i snow it, you couldn't learn to flow it, god gotta bestow it,
i play spades and poker, and make trades with brokers, you fake champagne cola, hold up your campaigns over, i got this whole lane sowed up, with supporters and soldiers, quick to blam blam bloke ya, im sicker than bram stoker,
you need a vest with you, side of them vestibules, the best rest with tools, thats why im blessing you with new jewelry

You cant be too sincere, unless your also dumb,
i see the truth in the rum, i drink proof in the slum, i seem uncouth to some,when im recruiting a hun,
i stay shooting in buns, and recouping them funds,
im like putin with guns, electricution i stun,
shine like the route of the sun, for my pupils and them,
When you fail you suceed, if you learn from the deed, instead of burning that weed, go and earn some degrees,
i know you turned to your knees, prayed and yearned i would leave, but i returned for the cheese, dairy churn for the g's, see one ounce of my raps, is like a fountain of crack, you aint amounting to crap, i gotta council you cats, if you pronounce what i spat, im quick to mount an attack, click the pound and then clack, put you clowns on your back, you got a mountain of stacks, my kings trouncing your jacks, i got the crown in this rap,
and now im bouncin with that.
new jewelry

If you dont know about life, how can you know about death, i rip the mic with one breath, i hit the pipe its like meth, kids try to swipe they like theft, try to recycle whats left, it aint no gripes or no threats, cause i just snipe out and step, first you find out your passion, then make it your profession, make your mental your weapon, failures out of the question, tailors hem up the session, this is lem im the best one, if you try to suppress him, wesson change your expression, i mix harmonic progression, with my psychotic depression, top of the line of succession, it aint gone be no concession, ayo i got a confession, i keep mc's in oppression, it's just a small indiscretion, how i change your complexion, i freshen up your essence, thats why yall not booing me,
all you wack rappers just drop is tom foolery,
all you back packers just stop you rhyme stupidly,
your not new to me im strictly rockin that hot new jewelry


from Skillanthropy, released August 21, 2011



all rights reserved


Avie Fresh Brooklyn, New York

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